Imagine being able to program a computer that you can pick up and put in your pocket?

No matter what age you are or how terrified you are of IT, RaspiKidd offers a service that will bring you up to speed in no time at all, through the use of Raspberry Pi computers and BBC micro:bit as well as other micro-controllers.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

If like me, your mouth starts to watering, forget it. NO! you can’t eat it. It’s not a Raspberry pie 🙂

What is a micro:bit?

A micro:bit is a small micro-controller that was developed to increase digital skills among British youngsters.

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RaspiKidd is the proud editor and chief and co-founder of micro:mag.

micro:mag is the unofficial micro:bit magazine for the community by the community.

Dundee Makerspace

Dundee makerspace is a not for profit community workshop for people to have access to tools they may not necessarily have room for or can afford to have at home