RaspiKidd - Where Coding is Child's Play!

For Budding Programmers aged 8-12 in Perth, Scotland
Are you ready to ignite your child's curiosity and creativity? At RaspiKidd, we bring the magic of coding to life for beginners aged 8-12 in the picturesque city of Perth, Scotland.
What Makes Us Unique?
Dive into the world of coding with our innovative workshops! We proudly use EduBlocks to unravel the wonders of programming micro:bits. But wait, this isn't your average coding class. Our workshops are designed to be fun and interactive, ensuring your child not only learns but enjoys every moment of the journey.
Beyond Screens, Into the Real World!
Say goodbye to monotonous screen time. At RaspiKidd, we believe in hands-on learning. Our young programmers won't just be glued to computer screens; they'll be actively interacting with the real world. Watch as they bring their code to life, creating, exploring, and learning in a dynamic environment.
Friendly, Playful, and Engaging!
The world of coding is an adventure, and we want your child to embark on it with a smile. Our workshops are crafted with a friendly and playful tone, making learning a delight. No more boring lectures—just pure coding fun!

Ready to Start the Coding Adventure?

Why wait? Book your child's spot in our workshops today! Unleash their potential and watch them thrive in the world of programming.
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